Next week, we will mark the 72nd birthday of our Union.

This Europe Day will be all about the Union of the future. And the future of the European Union is also written in Ukraine.

Speech by President @[email protected] at!M4FtXM


@[email protected] We want Ukraine to win this war. But we also want to set the conditions for Ukraine's success in the aftermath of the war.

The first step is immediate relief. In the second phase, there is a wider reconstruction effort.



@EU_Commission The “but” here is confusing, to say the least.

@inanna @EU_Commission It really is not. It refers to the fact it is not just about kicking the murdering occupants out but also not leaving the country in its ruined shape to mend itself. It is about welcoming Ukraine as a fellow nation amongst the rest of free Europe.


@Lingondraken I was referring to the usage of the word “but” without the “also” as you’d used it. By itself, “but” indicates a contradictory follow-up. There is nothing contradictory between hoping for a Ukraine win and supporting a free post-war Ukraine.

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